Sinus Lift & Rebuilding Bone

There could be a time when you want or need to replace one, several, or even all of your teeth. Choosing to have dental implants may not be an option due to bone loss and recession. This is something that many people experience but don’t realize that it’s happening until they’re checked out by a professional. We can help you with that, so whatever implants you want or need doesn’t have to be an issue.

There are several ways for us to rebuild enough bone for us to place implants, including:

  • Sinus Lift (upper jaws only)
  • Ridge Augmentation (Grafting)
  • Ridge Splits and Grafting
  • Block Grafts

Through we can rebuild the bone, making it stable enough to get dental implants and perfect your smile for the better.


What is a Sinus Lift?

When your upper premolars and molars are removed, the bone starts shrinking form 2 directions: above (the sinus) and below.  Eventually, there might not be enough bone to put implants into.  That’s when we do a special procedure called a sinus lift, which adds bone to your upper jaw to push your sinus up and out of the way. The extra bone is added in order to stabilize the bone you have and adds to it. To do this, the sinus area is actually lifted from your jaw so there’s a space where extra bone graft material can be put in. Once in, the lifted tissue is closed with stitches and allowed to heal. We usually allow at least 4 months for this bone to heal before placing the implants, but sometimes we can do the sinus lift and place the implants at the same time.  A 3D x-ray is used to decide on the best way for you.


Why is a Sinus Lift Important to Me?

The replacement of broken or missing teeth is common, and dental implants are a secure and comfortable way to do this. They are becoming more popular because of how effective they truly are, and not only are people gaining real function of their teeth back, they’re gaining their confidence back. None of this is possible, however, if you don’t have the bone to support it. That’s where the sinus lift comes in.

The benefits to you are immeasurable when it comes to physically being able to chew food with no issues, smiling without feeling so self-conscious, and the overall health of your mouth. What we offer is peace of mind and we want you to have that. The only question you have to ask yourself is what it’s worth to you. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, give us a call and let’s how we can help!