Microscope-Enhanced Dentistry

charlotte family microscope dentistWhen patients first walk into our treatment rooms (you can check them out in our Google Office Tour) to get work done, it’s not uncommon for them to look at the dental microscope hanging from the ceilings and ask, “What the heck is that?” And it’s no surprise that they do, because VERY few dentists (less than 5% of family dentists) use a dental microscope, although I truly couldn’t imagine practicing without one for a number of reasons.

But why should you care if your dentist uses a microscope?

A Dentist with a Microscope can Save You Money

Seriously – I’m not kidding.  It seems counter-intuitive that I would spend so much money on a very high-tech piece of equipment, and then tell you that because of it, you will spend LESS time and money at my Charlotte dental office, but it’s the honest truth for one VERY SIMPLE, but VERY POWERFUL reason:

Because I can see so incredibly well through the microscope, I can be more conservative in treating your teeth.  But what do I mean by “more conservative?”  Basically, it means that I take away less tooth when fixing it.  In other words, if a dentist can’t see super-well in your mouth, which is a pretty dark place, it’s harder to tell for sure if they’ve gotten all the cavity out.  Studies have shown that dentists usually remove more than they need to do, just to be sure they got it all.

But with a microscope, I can see so well, that I can remove ONLY what has to be removed, because I can see EXACTLY when I got it all!  So because I do microscope-enhanced dentistry, also called minimally invasive dentistry, I can do the following for you:

  • Keep your fillings smaller = less expensive
  • More teeth that other doctors would do crowns for, I do fillings = less expensive
  • Teeth with cracks – I can remove them before the tooth breaks = less expensive and less pain
  • Do more root canals that don’t need crowns to hold the tooth together = less expensive, longer-lasting
  • Do more root canals faster and easier = less time and more comfortable

How Teeth Look Through the Microscope

Here’s are some example photos that I’ve taken through my microscope over the last few years to showcase just how well a dentist can see:

If this is the kind of super-conservative, minimally-invasive, less expensive, and more comfortable kind of dental treatment you’d like for YOUR family, please give us a call!